Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Lenny Lionstar n Marshmello Angel Popsickles - Psychedelic Sunshine Pop ...

( )Psychedelic Sunshine Pop Phantasm. This is the most extreme electro supernatural psychedelic phantasm guitar vocal tone song I've experimented with and recorded. It's really popular with Japanese fans and  Annuanki fans on Planet X. Number 4 on the top 10 countdown there. Song is from the "GOING MUTANT," LP.

 Electro Guitar n Vocal Phantasm Song from the "Going Mutant" LP. FREE song download FREE use personal or commercial. Enter the Blood Moon Song Vault...... Attribution Required. Please reference Lenny Wiles Lionstar,

Monday, January 21, 2019

Giver Her A Kiss - Lionstar

Space Opera - Space Rock

Super Blood Wolf Moon Council Meeting 
Song “Give Her A Good Night Kiss” ( free song download free use  ) from the cyberspace LP, Supernatural Gears Of The Celestial Green Gospel. Jakobs Diary, “Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly.” Lionstar Operatic Graphic Novel COMIX

Lionstar Blood Moon Journal Entry: 56YTRbloodmoon2009
There is a Super Blood Wolf Moon tonight.  Around twentyfive Supernatural Gears from the ancient Blood Moon Clan Minstrel Guild from around the world have traveled from Europe as far away as ancient China coming here to Hex County for the Blood Wolf Moon event council to the discuss the coming Perfect Paranormal storm….
The first sign of the storm surge has already arrived. 
The weird asteroid Oumuamua has arrived with its strange signal emitting. 
6 more signs to come.
Jakob showed up at the council with his secret fiance the A.I. robot Sophia. Don’t know how he fell for a Robot but he did. It’s really strange but I think he might be in love with her.
Many other supernatural minstrel gears showed up. Some I haven’t seen for hundreds of years. Soojiss  the Siren Singer from Snowfires Comos garden is here. She is scheduled to perform at the upcoming Annuaki Festival on Planet X. ( )
VLETTEIHEA the siren singer now here in Hex County is here.  I sat down with my gear partners Lennon and Geronimo along with Soojiss and wrote this song for Jakob and his new Robot Girlfriend the artificial intelligent robot Sophia. She is a lovely robot. Soojiss wrote the music which is very very strange a song that only a Siren Singer from Snowfires Cosmos could write. Weird chords and strange scales. I wrote the lyrics. I performed the song with Lennon on bass and Geronimo drums. I sang the lyrics in  winged stream of consciousness vocals. I used the wah wah pedal in the song an old device from the sixties Jimi Hendrix gave me during the 60’s.
We played the song. I asked Jakob if he liked the song. He laughed and said only Soojiss could write a strange song like that. Loved it! Thanks guys.  ( free song download free use  )