Friday, November 9, 2018

Speaking In Tongues Backwards - Overture Of Count Zadar Von Liquid Ot

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Reptilian River Drac Nellie Noll Porno River Witch Of Marietta Pennsylva...

Pulled this out the ancient Blood Moon Song Vault for Halloween! Produced this video with Rusty and Sparky Lynne Newcomer. Sparky is Nellie Noll the legendary River Witch Of Marietta. Nellie told the Farmers to get a piece of Nelson Rehmeyer's hair to remove the Hex they thought was placed on them as he was a Witch. They ended up going to his house and murdering him and then burning his body on the floor of the house. Nellie is still roaming the Hexbelt region. Nelson has been seen walking in the dark hollow woods near his house with a strange dog. I was in the area and there was this tranced looking Amish girl with a torn dress walking in the middle of the road. I thought wow this is weird. Her dress was torn walking right in the middle of road towards me. I stopped the car  and asked her if their was something wrong. I thought maybe someone had rapped her. She walked past the car staring straight ahead looking like she was in a trance. When I looked in the rear view mirror she had vanished. True Story. Legend going around this area that Nellie has joined the Martian Werewolf Trancer Clan centered in Hex County involved in Identity thief and illegal trance porn films being made for the Dark Web. Can't believe it's been almost 3 years since we filmed this video with Rusty and Sparky. Time sure does fly by seems to disappear into a mysterious mist not to be seen again. Where does it go no one knows. Check out the video it's cool!! Lionstar

Monday, October 29, 2018

Log Entry: Warning from the Trumpet Templars! Just in. The Red Devil Hats are reported to contain Nazi made Nano Microchips.

Enter to the ancient Blood Moon Song Vault to download song on video below. Defcon 3 False Flag Alert. FREE Download. FREE USE. Commercial or Personal Listen.........  Reference Lenny Wiles Lionstar,
Log Entry: Warning from the Trumpet Templars! Just in. The Red Devil Hats are reported to contain Nazi made Nano Microchips. Once you put the hat on your mind can never take it off. Psycho Politco "666" Daily Beast Report. It's chips are designed to put a Blindfold around your mind where you can't see out. Your only allowed to see and believe only what programmed thoughts the NWO allows in. Your Media Mind is blacked out to all Truths. You don't hear what those not yet controlled hear. The 70% of the public. But this will soon change as these devices find themselves more and more in the minds of humans as the Antichrist hate virus continues to spread infecting those who come in contact infected in this fast moving hate epidemic. We need a mass exorcism inoculation to prevent the disease from more infections. It's like the Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. The Blood Moon Minstrel Clan is preparing for this mass music medic exorcism. The Blood Moon Guild is gathering all their top Songwriters and Minstrels working on a song right now to be released into the public to try and stop the spread of the Nazi Lies, Hate, Demonic elements moving in secrecy between the raindrops  throughout our society in the Russian Reptilian Antichrist American Coupe - Jakobs Diary, "Trance Of The Monarch Butterfly." Psycho Politico "666" Daily Beast Special Report.
Log Entry: Not to mention Donations came from the Russians laundered through the NRA. Russians controlling america right now. Their everywhere in the grids, the voting machines, the congress everywhere. The start of the Bloodline rule of the NWO. Our Antichrist President with support from the Red Devil hater hats were givin control of us the 70% and this most likely won't end until they fulfill the long ago predicted prophecy. Once you put that red devil hat on you can never take it off. Their are nano mind control chips built into those red devil hats developed at 666 5th avenue New York headquarters of the Antichrist. Once you put that Red Demon Hat on your mind will never be able to take it off. Psycho Politico 666 Daily Beast Report - Jakob Lemy Zook amish exorcism musician. Music Medic Blood Moon Clan Minstrel Guild
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Friday, October 26, 2018

VOTE! Don't forget to vote this midterm! Regardless of the outcome whether Russia & Trump rig it again for a Red Devil State win

VOTE! Don't forget to vote this midterm! Regardless of the outcome whether Russia & Trump rig it again for a Red Devil State win a Blue Angel Storm Surge Blizzard is coming which will soon bury the Burning Fire Red Hate of the Red Devil Demonican Fascists sending them back to Hell. Putting an end to Corporate Oliarch controlled social and greed stagnation pushing us into the brave new progressive FREEGAN world of the future with clean energy, robotics, artificial intelligence, Space Travel. Need to stop this Nazi Stalinist Oligarch slow moving Dictatorship coupe taking over America now. Vote Blue Angel. Push the Red Devils out! NO NAZIS! Last time the Fascists were here 91 million people died. Send them back to Hell before it's too late! There's still time to stop the released Antichrist Hate virus before it spreads further than the 40% already infected. It's too late for them. They've been exposed. Save your soul. VOTE!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

PULSAR TRUCKIN。 "私ができる限り長く"私のテーマソングスペースオペラ9 A. Going Mutant

Blood Moon Song Vaultに入って、曲をダウンロードしてください。 「Pulsar Truckin」は、私ができる限り長く、HeavencanのCedar Valley Minstrel Lionstarの主題歌です。 Lionstarは、別の地球のタイムライン上のパラレルユニバースから、Jakob Lemy Zook Amish Exorcism GuitaristのDopelgangerです。 2つのタイムラインは、近づいてくる完璧な超常現象の嵐に併合するつもりです。 Phantasm Metal Guitar Spaceロック・ソングは、スペース・オペラ・サイバースペースのLP GOING MUTANTです。 Sparky Lynne Newcomerさんの写真。 聞いて......... ライオンスターオペラティックグラフィック小説空間COMIX

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Enter The Ancient Blood Moon Song Vault......FREE SONG DOWNLOAD. FREE USE. Fascism New World Order Psychopathic Dictatorship on the move. Suppression has begun. The singling out. The killing has begun also. First Journalist Washington Post guy. Butchered by the NWO Dictators and their top leader Trump. Wonder if those missing body parts ended up in Steve Bannon's acid tub. How did they get the body parts out without being seen. I think Trump lent the Saudi King Stevie's Acid Tub for complete body disposal. The public especially those hypnotized Trumpers better wake up from their mind controlled sleep before our antichrist President complete his mission. Still time to send him back to Hell from where he came.