Friday, April 8, 2022

Ukraine children killed by Russian soldiers


Monday, March 14, 2022

Easter Death March Crusifiction Incarceration HELL

 It's getting close to Easter. People care more for hatred violence killings and guns than they do peace love and the real Jesus not this new tailored made Nazi Nazi gun toting Jesus. Just about every show on television now is filled with guns and killing. That's what most people want to watch and see.  Death and power and  worshipping the gun is the new religion. The world lives in a Death cult. Life becomes more worthless with each passing day. The Doomsday Clock is about 3 seconds now to blow open the gates to Hell taking many of the deceived and evil ones down into the Incarceration HELL to be put in that eternal cell to burn with Lucifer. We're all vulnerable to be held in that cosmic prison of universal spiritual law. The human body is finite. The spiritual Soul is eternal. We're all Sinners. So we need to be careful. Wow! Sorry for the Sermon. Just my opinion. Lol! Don't get mad. There's still time to stop the Doomsday Nuke Clock.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Republicans praise Putin at Nazi Rally with Marjorie Taylor Greene

 Republicans praise Trump and Dictator Putin with chants at Nazi CPac rally with Marjorie Taylor Greene as the main speaker. These animals are breaking through the fence now. They can't be held back it seems. When Trump and these Nazis take over America it will be brutal. Beyond your standard evil. It will be a super brutal Antichrist style evil. When you refuse the new Nazi number like those Jewish numbers you will be tortured and killed brutally. Trump already has a kill list he made up waiting for when the Deplorable reselect their false prophet in 2024. Hitler is back. All those 400,000 American soldiers who died fighting the Nazis Dictatorship are rolling over in their graves. Hard to believe this is happening here in American. 

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Putin turning the Doomsday Clock to one second before midnight

 Getting close to the Doomsday clock meltdown. Around one second to go now. Just one psychopath now trying to get it going to destroy the human race. 

His name is Putin with help from his American allied Trust Fund Nazi Kid Trump (the Antichrist?) Fox News the American Fascist demonic propaganda unit along with help from the new American Trump Antichrist Deplorable red devil hat followers that worship the Antichrist, and that trust fund super rich Nazi kid Tucker Carlson spewing lies and hate across the land supporting Commie New Nazi Hybrid Vladimir Putin the destroyer.

100 thermo ball bearing nuke detonations that's all it will take to bring the human race to it's final demise. Cold and Dark with a blocked sun. Putin says he'll push that red devil nuke button if we make the wrong move against him. Way to go Dictators Deplorables and you rich Trust Fund Kids running the world supporting the Devil. I think it really might be time to pray this time. That doomsday clock is getting mighty close to striking 12  midnight turning the world pitch black dark.

Saturday, December 25, 2021

 Quit putting Elon Musk down just because he's a billionaire. He definitely has flaws. We all do and he should be taxed. I understand what he means when he says I will sell 20 billion dollars worth of stock and give it to the government. But I want to see the receipts of exactly where the money is going. 

He has done more to try and stop global warming than anybody with his electric car innovations and beyond than anybody. What have the Democrats done lately? Nothing.  I'm a liberal and they disappoint. So I understand Elon asking where is the money going.  Hear Rocket Song 

They won't comply. Would it just get back pocketed in these politicians pocket off shore bank accounts not going to improve society? Elon is a free energy person just like Telsa was. He's gets threatened by the oil cartels all the time.

Anyway we need to get to space. There is enough energy in one astroid near Jupiter to provide Earth for free energy for a million years. We need to colonize on other planets like Mars. There are way too many psychopaths here on Earth ready to blow this place to smithereens. So quit harassing Elon. He is hyper intelligent because he has Asperger's syndrome which is a human flaw but also a superior focus enhancer. We need to move into the stars or the human race will soon perish. Leave Elon alone. And yes Elon needs to get taxed.

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Sewer Brain Mud of Social Insanity

And the right wingers keep right on saying Global Warming is a Democratic Hoax 250 mile twister? Just like they said Covid is a Democratic Hoax 90,000 dead. Science is fake.  And the election is stolen and JFK Jr is coming to town in a Quon parade in Texas and all these kids getting killed in school another hoax according to Alex Jones. And guns don't kill people 40000 killed last year by those fake bullets. I wonder how much longer we're going to let these right wing trust fund rich nutbaggers and how long were gonna let the got my gun got my truck ignorant dumb fu#$4cks control our nation and make policy and push this nation down into the sewer brain mud of social insanity. 

Sewer Brain Mud of Social Insanity. And they said Global Warming is a Hoax. Covid is a Democrat Hoax. 900,000 Dead. Science is a Hoax according to multibillon dollar Cino fake Christian Valued Televangelists. The election is a fraud a hoax according to the leader of the largest international crime syndicate in history pushing us towards a Dictatorship. The school shootings killings are all fake according to right wing radio propagandists.Guns don't kill people the bullets can't hurt ya they are harmless except for those 40,000 killed last year. And their still laughing at us as they roll around in the New Nazis Controlled Fox News Mind Filth in the Sewer Brain Mud of Social Insanity as they keep pushing  humanity towards the end times just to make another buck and gain power right up until we all hit the wall as they pull us all down with them right into the Hell they made. That's when Lucifer starts laughing at them.