Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Depopulation planned after the Singularity of Artificial Intelligence occurs in 2028

Hasn't been the same since the NWO shot and killed Kennedy after he gave that secret society speech. That's when the International Crime Organizations completely took over. The rich elites and bloodlines won't need labor soon with A.I. and robotics. Won't need people for jobs cause their won't be any jobs. The GOP's first plan of action when they get re-selected will be get rid of Medicade and Medicare and cut social security by 20%. Then complete elimination. Get rid of the boomers first. Starve them out. Refuse health care let them die. Their only useless eaters to quote Kissinger. Then the secret chemtrail poisoning sprayed from chemplanes will be stepped up to take out huge portions of the populations seemingly dying of a strange epidemic like the one currently coming from China. Only those elites and bloodlines with the antidote will survive. Populations will be brought down to around half million and only the elites will be left to build their earthly paradise. Their taking adrenal chrome the youth drug to extend their life spans so they plan on living a long time. Selective genocide. That's their final goal, the final solution to reference Hitler. The Singularity will occur around 2028 when artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence with all labor by robots. That's why all the unions are vanishing. No need for labor. So, no need for labor unions or workers. Welcome To The New World Order. Wow that was deep! LOL. Working this Comix episode.

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